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Traditionally, scientific expeditions are huge, unaccessible and emissions-heavy undertakings, while adventures are associated with environmental costs and ego.

However, I believe that we, through human-powered travel and meaningful engagement, can combine the two in earth-friendly ways that make critical science digestible for everyone.

Together with you, we can make research on the climate and human adaptation come alive.


Dr. Adrian McCallum, an expert in remote area site characterisation, is leading a research project for the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. His work involves several key tasks aimed at improving our understanding of Earth’s climate.

Primarily, he is examining surface snow density variation, which is essential to accurately assess mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet, a crucial aspect of monitoring changes in polar ice sheets and their impact on sea levels. Additionally, he’ll be using GPR in rarely sampled areas, to assess variation in snow stratigraphy, and he’ll be capturing high-precision surface elevation data, again to assist in our understanding of changes to the Greenland ice sheet.

Pending opportunity, occasional core samples will be examined to better understand the formation processes of the ice sheet.

Overall, his efforts will contribute to our understanding of Greenland ice sheet processes, providing valuable data that will complement ongoing international studies into changes in this evolving region.

Jan Rasmussen (DNK)

Project management

Dr. Adrian McCallum (AUS)


Laura Balslev (GRL)


Niklas Marc Heinecke (GER)


Jens Larsson (SWE)


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